1. Who can be members ?

    College students and alumni (US and Canada only) who are 18 yrs of age or older.

    A valid college email ID is required to register. Graduates (alumni) are allowed to join only if they still retained a working email ID of their college.

    Note: Your college email ID is only needed at the time of the initial sign-up. Once the verification step is complete, you can update your account with a personal email ID.

  2. Are there any fees ?

    There are NO subscription fees for college students and alumni to use this site.

    In order to generate revenue we may look at using an advertising model where investors and employers can display relevant ads on some of our pages via a portal in the future to post non-campus based startup jobs, investor funding and other opportunities.

  3. Are there any privacy filters or ways to block someone from seeing my profile in their search results ?

    Yes. You are able to set privacy filters to control display of your profile in search results.

    There are filters to block students from other colleges, or students from your own college, or students in your college with the same Major as you, etc.

    You can also "deactivate" your profile which results in blocking everyone, but keep in mind that this also prevents you from searching and viewing others' profiles.

    In order to set your privacy filters visit the "Privacy Settings" link from your account page.

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